Cyber law is an umbrella term that deals with several issues related to technology, internet, communication, electronic equipment like software, hardware, and computer and other information system.

Cyber law helps to handle the case of any cyber crime. These crimes are some illegal activities that are committed by the frauds over internet. Cyber lawyers operate the cases of cyber crimes that are made against government, property and persons.

The work scope of cyber lawyer is to examine and advocate the case for their clients who are involved in the cyber crime cases. Therefore adequate legal training as well as corporate management are required to handle such cases.

One of the most popular cyber crimes is to hack the personal accounts of people and spread of virus and other cyber terrorism.

The scope and future of cyber law is quite wide nowadays due to the rapid advancement in the cyber crime field. This creates a great potential for the cyber lawyers and lead to the evolution of a new genre of law: cyber law.

Cyber Law Studies

Cyber crimes can include several criminal activities like defamation, fraud, theft, forgery and mischief.

Before studying cyber law you need to know the adequate steps so that you don’t fall into any trap. After completing graduation in LLB, you will be considered as eligible in pursuing LLM course in this cyber law.

Other than LLM course, several short and long term courses are available both in online and offline platforms in cyber law. These include post graduate certificate in cyber law or PGCCL. The min duration for this course is 6 months and the max duration for the course is 2 years.

You can also pursue B.S. Tech in Computer science and engineering combined with LLB Hons with a special course in Cyber laws. Its duration is 6 years.

LLM in Cyber law will take you 2 years to complete the course.

You can also seek to pursue diploma in cyber law.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are another important factor to get admitted into the top law schools. National Law University is one of the best institutions to study cyber law. It conducts the entrance exam known as CLAT to offer admission to the bachelors and masters courses of law. Admission to the course is also available by cracking AILET exam conducted by NLU Delhi.

There are several other universities spread across the country to offer top notch study programs in cyber law. These include the following:

  • All National Law University or NLU – This is based in Delhi.
  • National Law School of India University – This is based in Bangalore.
  • NALSAR University of Law – This is based in Hyderabad.
  • ILS Law College – This is based in Pune.
  • Indian Institute of Information and Technology – This is based in Allahabad.

On becoming a lawyer specialized in cyber law, you can find multiple career prospects such as:

  • A lawyer working in IT companies
  • A specialist in IT based arbitration
  • Security computer auditors
  • Techno legal professional in the computer security.

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