In the modern world today, technology reigns. It is with this technological advancement that the world has seen a tremendous change in how people approach just about everything. There is always an emerging trend every other day. As such, almost everything is now being handled through technology. This has since driven the topic digital citizenship to the table. The following are the three basic points that bring out an overview on what digital citizenship means.

What Is It About?

Digital citizenship is all about acquiring digital literacy. It however does not stop there it extends to involve issues such as online safety and courtesy. This encompasses being able to protect oneself and other internet users from dangers such as theft of information and data, protection of oneself or others from cyber bullying and the proper way of addressing such instances. It also touches on respecting the copyright laws, respecting other peoples’ privacy and so on and so forth. Digital citizenship simply sums up to learning how to use technology and the etiquette that ought to accompany such use.

How Is It Learned?

The task of incorporating digital citizenship skills especially on the children which includes students’ falls on all parties entrusted with the role of watching over them. This includes the teachers, parents and guardians as well as mentors. In other words, impacting digital citizenship is a collective role. For instance, anytime a student or a child needs to search from the internet, then they require guidance on the right way to do it. For instance, they need to be guided as to which sites are likely to give them reliable information, how to determine whether the information is useful to their search or not. Guiding them on how to deal with sites or information that may be misleading to them is also a vital part of digital citizenship.

Why It Is Important?

The use of internet cannot be separated from the lifestyle of the people in our century. As such it becomes crucial for the students as well as other internet users to know how to reap the most from the use of the internet. When it comes to students, they need to know how to conduct proper research for their educational purposes as well as their social well being. Today employers will dig into the social profiles of their prospective employees just to see who they are. How to stay safe while still using the internet makes digital citizenship a vital tool for all internet users too.


If well impacted on the internet users, digital citizenship could restore sanity to the internet world in our century. This is beneficial to all the internet users. Let’s face it, more and more people are embracing the use of technology. This only points towards the fact that digital citizenship is of great benefit to all. Everyone would love to be able to use the internet safely without the fear of being bullied or attacked maliciously or even loosing data from their use.